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The computer monitors show death and destruction come to life around a thrashing, infected Jim, who is strapped to the same table as the chimp had been in the opening scene. A scientist in the lab desperately warns them against releasing the captive chimpanzees, which are infected with a highly contagious rage-inducing virus.

Mailer grabs West through the rear window of the cab and kills him, and the trio finally leave the mansion. They comment that this ending brought Jim full circle, as he starts and finishes the story in bed in a deserted hospital. R for strong violence and gore, language and nudity Genre: She then attacks and infects everyone else present.

Instead, Jim, Selena, and Hannah are somehow able to restrain Frank, hoping they will find a cure for the virus nearby as suggested in the radio broadcast.

West reveals to Jim that his "answer to infection" entails waiting for the infected to starve to death and luring female survivors into sexual slavery to repopulate the world.

Drain him of blood and scrub his veins with bleach? Inside, the party is relieved to find a scientist barricaded inside a room with food and water. The giveaway was only open to residents of North America, and entries closed on 9 May He also revealed that the film would revolve around the aftermath of the first movie.

The score was released exclusively to iTunes on 12 June Two were filmed, while the third, a more radical departure, was presented only in storyboards.

He wanders the streets of London, finding the city deserted with signs of catastrophe everywhere. Rescue coda without Jim[ edit ] This ending, for which only a rough edit was completed, is an alternative version of the potential rescue sequence shown at the very end of the released film.

However, the web address was found to be unregistered and was quickly snapped up. He is killed by arriving soldiers, who take the remaining survivors to a fortified mansion under the command of Major Henry West.

Britain has been overrun, and they have no way of knowing if it has spread worldwide. The advertising agency who made the mistake agreed to purchase the rights to the domain name for an undisclosed sum.

He will not open the door because he fears they will take his food, although he does admit that the "answer to infection is here". The scientist reluctantly tells them Frank can only be cured with a complete blood transfusion and supplies them with the equipment.

Ignoring the warnings of the terrified researcher who maintains that the chimps are infected, they begin to free the animals and are immediately subjected to a bloody attack from the enraged creatures. Scott remarked that it is "brutal and almost exhaustingly terrifying, as any respectable zombie movie should be.

Garland and Boyle explain that they conceived this ending to see what the film would be like if they did not expand the focus beyond the four survivors. Farrell shares with Jim his speculation that the virus has not spread beyond Great Britain and that the country is being quarantined.

When Frank is infected at the military blockade near Manchester, the soldiers do not enter the story. Only Selena and Hannah are seen waving to the jet flying overhead in the final shots.Free watching 28 Days Later and download for free 28 Days Later full, watch 28 Days Later online with English subtitle.

Report Movie Please help us to describe the issue so we can fix it asap. 28 Days Later / 28 Weeks Later (Double Feature) Danny Boyle. out of 5 stars DVD. the 28 Days Later DVD includes a lot of very interesting features, including the alternate ending that was shown after the end of the film a couple months into its theatrical run.

It's much bleaker, as director Danny Boyle and writer Alex Garland say /5(K). Horror film directed by Danny Boyle's "28 Days Later" tells the story of a terrible infestation of London's population unknown aggressive virus that turns people into insane bloodthirsty monsters.

A good zombie movie but also more notably a good political allegory, '28 Days Later' works off its' innovative director, even if it is not as quick paced as one might hope from a zombie flick 86%.

28 Days Later Trailer Twenty-eight days after a killer virus was accidentally unleashed from a British research facility, a small group of London survivors are caught in a desperate struggle to protect themselves from the infected.8/10(4).

May 10,  · Watch video · If you're looking for military/force/war metaphors, look to the first film, 28 Days Later.

28 Days Later

If you're looking for an excellent, fun, gore-infested romp, watch this right afterwards. of people found this review helpful.7/10(K).

28 days later the movie
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