Ao association osteosynthesis

Adequate nerve and blood supply of the distal part of the limb must be preservable. Total resection of distal femur or proximal tibia for bone tumors. Knieglenksersaty durch das in der Beinlang-achse um 18 Grad gedrehte Fussgelenk. The targeted margin must be achieved all through the surgical field Ao association osteosynthesis planes of resection.

Tension is adjustable via the Velcro closure. Botationplasty for malignant tumors of the femur and tibia. When filling the cast with plaster later, the holding mandrel is set in parallel with the plumb lines, and thus the recorded angles are transferred to the positive.

This treatment has shown high rates of consolidation with few complications. There were no long-term complications related to the rotation-plasty, i. It is of utmost importance to align the knee axis close to 5 degrees of external rotation in order to achieve a satisfactory swing phase during gait regardless of the physiologic alignment of the ankle.

Energy cost of walking of amputees; the influence of level of amputation. A transistor for the transmission of electrocardiograms by telephone was developed by E. In addition, the technique is impractical in young children due to the necessary resection of growth plates around the knee and the resultant leg length discrepancy.

The femoral vessels are either dissected free along the entire length or isolated proximally and distally when the vessels are involved by tumor. It is hoped that the patients function will approximate the function of Ao association osteosynthesis transtibial below-knee amputee with a fully functional "knee joint.

Modified Van Nes rotationplasty for osteosarcoma of the proximal tibia in children. In addition, the meta-analysis of Mao et al 17 found no significant difference in the management of the fracture with nails or plates both in the consolidation period and in the complications, and similar results have been found in other studies.

The two circumferential incisions are connected by longitudinal incisions medially and laterally to facilitate the dissection of the neurovascular bundles. For the procedure the whole lower limb is prepared and draped free Fig 36B Dynamic-response feet perform well and are popular with athletes.

He used the technique in children and young adults affected by congenital limb deficiency. Distally, gastrocnemius heads are divided 2.

Principles of Internal Fixation

The most important of these is the high functional demand of the lower limbs in physically active youngsters and the problem of loss of the major growth centers around the knee. It can be as little as an internal hip disarticulation or as extensive as almost complete internal transpelvic amputation.

The removal of a tumor from the femur only slightly affects the muscle motors that drive the ankle and foot. Modified Van Nes rotationplasty in the treatment of malignant neoplasms in the lower extremities of children. Prosthetic devices for the management of proximal femoral focal deficiency.

The newer technique of limb salvage using a tumor replacement endoprosthesis is currently quite popular; however, it also has significant limitations. Prosthetic Management To permit ultimate mechanical advantage in the construction of the prosthesis the foot should be rotated precisely degrees, and the ankle joint should be at a height equal to the level of the center of the knee of the sound leg.

Skin flaps are then trimmed and closed Fig 36B In order to achieve a precise reading, spacers are placed on the floor and are built up to reach the distal end of the plaster wrap.

A weakness of our study is the small series of cases that were available for review; however, our results support the notion that it is possible to obtain a favorable outcome in diaphyseal tibial fractures using plates and screws as long as careful management of soft tissues is performed and the proper principle of stability is applied according to the fracture.

Nineteen patients with simple fractures were treated by means of relative stability, a bridge plate and closed reduction by MIPO technique, which provides biological advantages for consolidation. The upper side hinges are marked on the corset for future reference.

C was only MIPO and the consolidation time was 17 weeks with a deviation of 2. During the casting procedure the patient should be standing with the limb in a relaxed vertical position and the foot in the utmost plantar flexion Fig 36B It must be possible to restore muscle power to the ankle joint.

It must be approximately 1. The child can approach the activity level of a transtibial amputee and participate in a number of sporting activities. Clifford et al 231 showed a series of 97 diaphyseal tibial fractures that were treated with plates, with low incidence of complications and recommended its use in grades I and II open fractures based on the Gustillo system.

Orthop Prosthet ; With just eight students in each class, the campus is thought to be the smallest four-year education site in the nation.

AO Foundation

Postoperatively we had one deep infection requiring debridement, but this had no influence on the eventual outcome.surgeons formed the AO foundation, also known as the Association for the Study of Internal Fixation (ASIF). They established the Texas A&M University Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital biological osteosynthesis and provide a minimally-invasive alter-native to ESF.

With MIPO, two small incisions, or portals, are cre. Groups were made according to the type of fracture AO/OTA and the defined principle of stability: group I: simple fractures 42A/B, open or closed reduction, absolute stability; group II: simple fracture 42A/B, closed reduction, Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis (MIPO) technique, relative stability; group III: multifragmentary.

Association for Osteosynthesis (AO) Foundation is a Switzerland-based internationally renowned research and educational forum specializing in Musculo-skeletal trauma, wound healing and fracture management. It organizes research and educational activities in different parts of the world around the year.

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1 3 Med Biol Eng Comput () – DOI /s ORIGINAL ARTICLE Biomechanical study of different plate configurations for distal humerus osteosynthesis. The AO Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the care of people with musculoskeletal injuries and their sequelae through research, development, education and quality assurance in the principles, practice, and result of fracture treatment.


Distribution and sales of all AO products is done through Synthes via a Formation:Biel, Switzerland. AO North America: Patient care, in craniomaxillofacial, orthopedic, spine and veterinary surgery.

Ao association osteosynthesis
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