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I wonder what i would have done without dcielts. On the other hand, there are circumstances when the cost of a service or item becomes an irrelevant consideration. However, these situations are Best ielts model essays and in most circumstances price ought to be considered so that excessive spending is planned and budgeted to avoid serious debt problems.

It is essential that people take time to reflect on how much money they should spend on an item or service, and whether or not they can actually afford it within their available budget.

Write about the following topic: To what extent you agree or disagree? This is due to the fact that slums are mostly reservoirs of many epidemic diseases.

However, while these technological advances have brought many benefits to the world, it can be argued that these developments in IT will result in more negative impacts than positive.

Unfortunately, this kind of problem might even get worse in the future at least until more regulated systems are set up.


For this reason, any purchase that is costly and is bought using credit ought to be well thought through, particularly when the item is a luxury item that is not actually essential. To conclude, there are good arguments for and against long sentences, so governments must continue to research the various methods of crime reduction to ensure effective policies are in place.

You may get some of these tasks mixed up.

7 IELTS Essay Samples of Band 9 Students

They emphasize that it has no affect on their work effectiveness instead it is a medicine for anxiety and depression. Others, however, believe there are better alternative ways of reducing crime.

Discuss both views and give your opinion. A practical tip is to brainstorm vocabulary before writing. The third reason lies to the fact that cigarette smoke is deteriorating the atmosphere by adding harmful inhalants in the air.

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Do you agree or not. You should spend about 40 minutes on this task. As with the previous essay, there are two opinions, and you must discuss each one and your opinion must also be given.

Reply Snehal March 11, at 4: Thank you once again and please keep up the good work for future candidates. Thanks in anticipation Q: I followed your tips about coherence and cohesion and managed to score 8.

This is because smoking has ill effects not only on the person inhaling it but also on the whole immediate environment and the people. Reply Abbos April 28, at 4: State the topic of the essay, using some basic facts that you may be able to take from the question Say what you are going to write about Here is an example introduction for the above essay question about IT: As you can see, the first sentence makes sure it refers to the topic IT and uses facts about IT taken from the question.

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Although many people believe that the best way to tackle this is to place people in prison for longer periods, others are of the opinion that other measures will be more effective.7 IELTS Essay Samples of Band 9 Students.

Note: We have recently added more IELTS Band 7, 8 and 9 model answers for speaking and writing tasks. Check them out. Every day we receive 's of IELTS essays for correction from our students.


Our experienced IELTS tutors go over every single word of the essay and mark them. In this introductory lesson you will find some guidance on how you should write an IELTS essay.

These are some of the types of IELTS essays you can get in the test: View a model answer and get tips and strategies on how to answer the question. Sample IELTS essays using a 4 paragraph and 5 paragraph essay structure - with detailed advice on how to write them yourself according to the IELTS writing criteria your blog is excellent and best.I wish I saw this site befor,my exam is on 9th June Reply.

niana May 20, Four and five paragraph model essays [ ] IELTS writing Day. See our expert team's list of the Top 10 best IELTS books and study guides for to draft effective introductions to essays, and even draft high scoring phrases. Furthermore, it provides model essays, sample practice questions, and useful IELTS practice links.

Best LSAT Prep Books; Best IELTS Books; Best TOEFL Books; Best. Model Answers for IELTS Essays January January 11, I have been preparing to take the IELTS exam and your website is the best.

So, it’s fine not to use examples. It is also fine that you do not use statistics. You will see that most of my model essays do not actually present data – you don’t get more points because of facts.

Model Essays Band 9 by Dominic Cole (PDF) provides a collection of model essays written by Dominic Cole – an excellent IELTS teachers.

These essays are scored around 9, so you can learn how to write a cogent and laconic essay from him.

Best ielts model essays
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