Candid communication

This work includes leadership program design and facilitation, strategic planning with executive teams, team effectiveness work, and performance management program design.

You are being candid, and yet at the same time very productive. The practitioner may not want to be seen as the bearer of bad news. You feel you are protecting someone from the truth. I continue here with a discussion of the other two, candor and succinctness.

Additionally, you are not telling the other person what to do. You are talking about facts and only facts at this point. A message is less compelling when we are not sure of our own conviction toward the points we want to make or we are not fully aligned with the goals, motivations, and FOR of our listeners.

The question is, can we be more mindful and disciplined about applying Candid communication information to increase our effectiveness? It consists of a formal, structured process that takes the same message you intended to deliver, and phrases it using techniques that help the other person accept your message head-on without getting defensive.

It is important to discuss problem behaviors frankly, but note that this is the fourth and not the Candid communication step of the process.

To the contrary, professional change facilitators often pull their punches e. The necessity of the honest truth At work, just like anywhere else, people tend to refrain themselves from saying exactly what they think when things go wrong. Both of these approaches spring from the classic deficit-based approach to communications—in other words, you see something wrong and try to correct it.

More important, they often get the other person focused on solving the problem themselves, without getting upset or defensive. Frankness does not always mean bluntness.

A “CANDID” Approach to Difficult Conversations

In order to be open and sincere, you first have to evaluate and consider multiple perspectives. When our communication is accurate, crisp, and compelling: To simply let it all hang out and criticize someone.

Some may be in denial, so by not telling them the truth, you will only allow them to nourish a false sense of reality. Most important, you gain the power to create real changes in other people by turning your focus from challenging people to helping them.

The most effective change facilitators make a special effort to ensure they provide: However, the goal of communicating clearly and unambiguously does not change.

And that is basically the foundation of candid communication.

Deb helps companies to boost productivity through people development. Really helping someone else may mean telling them the truth, candidly. These are basic elements to practicing our craft that any novice could cite as essential to good communications. Here are examples of what not to do. Do you have a question for Deb?

Its letters break down into specific steps that you can take, in order, to create a productive dialogue: Stick to specifics and Candid communication examples if you wish to be seen as sincere.

People respond much better when they have an incentive for doing so, whether it is a direct benefit or the avoidance of negative consequences.

He or she may wish to avoid any negative emotional reaction from the listener. By making it not seem like such a Bad Thing. You turn difficult conversations into a painless process that Candid communication more comfortable for you to deliver.

Discuss Here, we get to the fun part: Most people genuinely want to do their best and to be viewed favorably by others. Yet, as seasoned professionals, many of us fail to apply them as consistently as we should.

Think about it this way — would you rather hear a hard truth that hurt for a moment but gave you the insight you needed to improve OR would you rather continue to operate in a way that diminished your contribution, credibility and standing?

Candid communication focuses on assessing people accurately, not necessarily kindly. To do this, they apply separately and then integrate together the three aspects of sound communications outlined here—matching applying the proper frame of referencecandor being frank and straightforwardand succinctness being accurate, crisp, and compelling.

You are taking a difficult situation, gift-wrapping it, and handing it to them to solve. Scott used that experience to create a framework where you give feedback in a way that challenges people directly and shows you care about them personally.candid - Definition of candid - online dictionary powered by Your Vocabulary Building & Communication Training Center Vocabulary Improvement Resources for Parents, Students & Professionals.

Be Candid in Your Communications to Clients. We can strive to match the perspective of our messages to the listener’s FOR and be completely candid about what needs to be conveyed, but still fail to convey the force of the intended message.

Crisp communication, by selecting a few carefully chosen words, and; Compelling. Effective communication is the key to your business’s success.

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Candid communication
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