Catalonia independence

He told Radio Catalunya that the region needed the opportunity to decide its own Catalonia independence, adding: Parties which endorsed the suspension of autonomy by central government represented Opposition leaders had left the chambers in protest before the vote.

Catalonian separatists won a razor-thin majority on Thursday, with the three separatist parties winning a total of 70 seats in the seat regional parliament. However, fewer than half of the eligible voters participated in the highly contested referendum.

The end of the war was followed by the loss of the fueros of all Crown of Aragon territories, including Catalonia, and the imposition of the Nueva Planta decreeswhich centralised Spanish government. Several high-ranking members of the Catalan cabinet were also detained in Spain, under charges including sedition, rebellion and misuse of public funds, while Carles Puigdemont and four other leaders fled to Brussels.

Initially, the various territories of Aragon, including Catalonia, kept their own fueros laws and customs and political institutions.

Catalonia calls independence referendum for October

Catalonia retained its fueros. On 1 October, following a court ruling that the vote was illegal, Spanish police seized ballot boxes Catalonia independence clashed with voters at polling stations as they attempted to prevent it vote taking place.

Supporters also believe that they have given more to the Spanish government than they have gotten back. How did the Oct. This left the Catalan government isolated, but it remained loyal to Charles. After a month siege, Barcelona surrendered to a Bourbon army on 11 September Spain votes to take control of Catalonia region Rich Edson reports on the division within the Spanish government.

A new constitution was adopted inwhich asserted the "indivisible unity of the Spanish Nation", but acknowledged "the right to autonomy of the nationalities and regions which form it". In Spain, the Basque country and Galicia are home to secessionist movements, while some Corsicans want to secede from France.

This was two seats and 0.

Catalonia's bid for independence from Spain explained

As well as the courts, it has the power to invoke article of the constitution, which would allow it to take drastic steps to thwart the vote by suspending regional autonomy. The opposition camp appears to be growing: Next But it was also due to more widespread objections to the referendum, which many felt was divisive and illegitimate.

Will Catalonia create a domino effect? After a decade of war, the Spanish Monarchy counter-attacked in and recovered Barcelona and the rest of Catalonia, except for Roussillonwhich was annexed by France. The three pro-independence parties retained their control of parliament with a reduced majority of 70 seats and a combined Puigdemont, on taking the oath of office, omitted the oath of loyalty to the king and the Spanish constitution, the first Catalan president to do so.

Andrew Dowling, an expert in Catalan history at Cardiff University in Wales, said that an independence declaration by the Catalan parliament is symbolic without border and institutional control and no international support. Catalan self-determination referendum, Artur Mas and Oriol Junquerassigning the — governability agreement on 19 December The Senate gave him the power to do so.

In Marchit was held to be ultra vires by the Spanish Constitutional Court. Kaitlyn Schallhorn is a Reporter for Fox News. Demonstrators blocking the Spanish police activity aimed at closing polling stations of the Catalan independence referendumheld despite having been declared illegal by the Spanish government.

The region, which includes Barcelona, is home to about 7.

Catalan independence movement

The Crida organised a series of protests that culminated in a massive demonstration in the Camp Nou on 24 June They remain there as the region holds elections.

Why do they want independence? Puigdemont said that Madrid had left his government with no choice but to call the vote. The affected articles included those that gave preference to the Catalan language, freed Catalonia from responsibility for the finances of other autonomous communities, and recognised Catalonia as a nation.

The election comes after the Spanish government took control of Catalonia when separatist lawmakers, led by Puigdemont, declared independence in October.

Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain: What to know

If you disobey the law, you become an outlaw. Catalan declaration of independence ; Catalan independence referendum, ; and Spanish constitutional crisis Catalan President Carles Puigdemont and more than mayors from Catalonia met to show support for holding an independence referendum.

But the Spanish government is implacably opposed to secession, arguing that it is a violation of the constitution, and has vowed to use all possible means to stop the referendum from being held.

The case lasted four years.Sep 26,  · BARCELONA, Spain — Separatist lawmakers declared Catalonia’s independence from Spain on Oct. 27, prompting the central government of Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy to take administrative control.

BARCELONA — Catalonia declared itself an independent republic on Friday. But nobody is sure how long it will last. Within hours of an emotional vote by.

Catalonia Reminds Spain What Many Still Want: Independence

How did Catalonia’s independence movement get started? Catalonia is in northeastern Spain. Barcelona is the region’s capital. For “independistas,” the fight for. The US State Department said it supports the Spanish government's right to take control of Catalonia after the region's parliament declared independence Friday.

Dec 22,  · Catalonia's push for independence from Spain has been complicated and controversial. Catalonia independence supporters unfurl a banner on a building next to the Palau de la Generalitat, the regional government headquarters, in Barcelona, on Friday.

Photograph: Albert Gea/Reuters.

Catalonia independence
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