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Yogam in Kerala, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other organisations have played an important role in the removal of untouchability.

The claims of the members of Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes shall be taken into consideration, consistently with the maintenance of efficiency of administration, in making of appointments to services and posts in connection with the affairs of the Union or of a State.

The Act prescribes punishment for compelling any person to scavange, sweep, remove carcasses, fly animals eradication of untouchability essay help remove umbical cords. Suddenly however inwhen the Lothian Committee came and began its investigation, the Hindus adopted a challenging mood and refused to accept this figure as the correct one.

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In addition to this, people indulging in specific jobs, tribal people and ones suffering from certain infections and diseases are considered as untouchables. They are not allowed to use public services such as buses, wells, etc. Although they were outside the pale of Hindu Society which recognises only four classes namely Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras, yet for political purposes they were reckoned as part of the Hindu Society.

The throwing open of Hindu religious institutions of a public character to all classes and sections of Hindus. But as the Untouchables opposed the backward communities turned and joined the Hindus in denying the existence of Untouchables, more vehemently than the Hindus.

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The rest of the Mahomedan members of the Committee did not join. The term Depressed Classes was used as a synonym for Untouchables and the term Depressed Classes was used instead of the term Untouchables because the latter it was felt, would give offence to the people meant to be included under the term.

This is a hope for all the liberals and Dalits out there and a promise for a new, better and tolerant India. Untouchability Essay 5 words Introduction Untouchability is an age old practice of discrimination of people from the lower hierarchy of castes.

Article 17 of the Indian constitution abolishes untouchability and also declared it as a punishable act. It does not discuss the position of these people, or their capacity for looking after themselves.

There are definite ways in which the Hindus treat the Untouchables in social matters. He advocated positive means for the uplift of Harijans. Quite unexpectedly the problem received a special emphasis at the hands of the late Lord Birkenhead who was then the Secretary of State for India.

We can experience the practice of untouchability in everyday life around us, especially in rural and semi-urban areas of the country. An Untouchable is a person who is treated in a certain way by the Hindus and who follows certain practices, which are different from the Hindus.

The object of putting forth this contention was to reduce the number of Untouchables. He practised what he preached. Inthe temple of Madurai was opened to the Harijans.Untouchability Essay 3 ( words) Introduction. Untouchability can be well defined as the practice of discriminating various individuals and groups based on their cast and the jobs they indulge in.

Essay on Role of Mahatma Gandhi in Uplifting the Untouchables

The concept of untouchability is a relatively old one and has been in practice since a long time. ADVERTISEMENTS: Essay on Untouchability: Meaning, Evil Effects and Suggestions for Its Removal!

Essay # Meaning of Untouchability: Untouchability is a practice in which some lower caste people are kept at a distance, denied of social equality and made to suffer from some disabilities for their touch, is considered to be contaminating or polluting the higher [ ].

Essay about Untouchability INTRO: Untouchability is a form of discrimination, the social-religious practice of ostracizing a minority group by segregating them.

Essay on Role of Mahatma Gandhi in Uplifting the Untouchables – Mahatma Gandhiji played a memorable role in uplifting the untouchables.

Essay on Untouchability: Meaning, Evil Effects and Suggestions for Its Removal

Gandhiji popularised the word “Harijan”‘ meaning “the people of God” — a word which was first coined and used by a Guajarati Brahmin saint by name Narasinha Mehta. ADVERTISEMENTS: Read this essay about the efforts made by the government to eradicate untouchability completely!

Untouchability is a serious problem, especially in rural areas. It is true that without the eradication of untouchability we cannot think of rural development. Argumentative essay on diversity (essay help owl) I need to do a photo essay on hollywood cemetery soon.

Efforts Made to Eradicate Untouchability in India – Essay

soon all of its somber beauty will be razed to the ground. i can feel it coming.

Eradication of untouchability essay help
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