Essay precis writing and comprehension skills

A thing difficult for you is difficult for all. Download and use this article as a handy guide during your preparation to improve your score in English paper. Use only simple figures of speech. Besides, the editorials of some good English newspapers can also be used for practice.

This post has been seen times. It, in fact, is the summary of all the essential points of the given paragraph. Every unnecessary word is discarded until all that you have left is the thought, the dominating idea, of what you have read.

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It should express only the main theme that too as briefly as possible. For the public at large, freedom is a valued prize, but for the scientist it represents an indispensable prerequisite for the progress.

Guide to a Successful Precis: With as few sentences as possible enlarge on the essential shown in the opening sentence. Vocabulary-related questions give full marks in case the answers are correct.

As far as the sources of vocabulary are concerned, they are many; aspirants should never rely on any single source.

They would contend that scientific work should engage all the energies of those who devote themselves to it, and that scientists have no right to curtail the time devoted to science, in the interest of other activities.

Aspirants should not waste time in searching for shortcuts; instead, they should work hard to improve their grammar.

CISF (AC) Limited Departmental Exam

Aspirants should focus on the improvement of their handwriting. Simple yet grammatically correct English is, surely, another key to success in this paper. Underscore with a pencil the important facts containing the essential thoughts. First read the tips that we have provided below and then download the PDF at the end of the article.

Ask if this idea were omitted, would the fundamental meaning of the passage be changed? A precis is a summary. But as a general rule, it should not contain more than a third of the total number of words in the original passage.

The politician is trained in weighing up the conflicting interests of his supporters and usually has to compromise; in war if a commander compromises on essentials, he fails. Condense wherever you can, substituting single words for phrases and phrases for longer clauses.

There have not been many soldiers who have also made good politicians, nor many politicians who have proved to be great soldiers. The politician, on the other hand, is seldom forced to give an immediate decision; rather he delays in order to find the right and accurate answer, and he avoids any temporary expedient.

It boils down the length of the original text without compromising on the basic information provided in it.

What should be done to polish comprehension skills? Essays are error free in terms or grammar and spelling and also follow a structure and have a flow of ideas. Reread your selections to see that they are wise and adequate.

Precis Precis pronounced Preisi is a concise summary of a passage. You can expect questions on idioms and phrases Essays What should an Essay comprise of?

This is a process of differentiation between what is essential and what is not.

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Questions, which are not time-consuming e. Uses of precis writing Most people read carelessly and fail to fully comprehend the meaning of the passage. Write a precis of each of the following passages A and B in your own words, reducing each to about one-third of its original length and suggesting an appropriate title for it.It tests your writing & reading skills, grammar & vocabulary.

Essay, Precis & Comprehension: English Language Preparation

This English Paper comprises of: Essay, Precis and Comprehension in most exams like the RBI Grade B. Precis Writing Tips with 45 solved Exercises. Dear Aspirants, Welcome to Mentor for Bank Exams. As you all aware of that NICL AO mains exam is going to be held in few days.

The most important part of the Exam is Descriptive Writing Exam which tests your writing skills. Note that precis writing is different from paraphrasing. In a. The English language Paper is a scoring section which is a major deciding factor in various Bank & Government examinations.

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It tests your writing & reading skills, grammar & vocabulary. This English Paper comprises of: Essay, Precis and Comprehension in most exams like the RBI Grade B. However, the comprehension part is common. Candidate can write the essay in Hindi or in English the medium of Precis Writing, Comprehension Components and other communications/ language skills will be in English.

Duration of paper 2 is 3 hours. CISF (AC) Limited Departmental Examination Essay, Precis Writing & Comprehension General Ability, Intelligence & Professional Skills CISF (AC) Limited Departmental Examination Essay, Precis Writing & Comprehension General Ability, Intelligence & Professional Skills CISF AC (EXE) Examination Essay, Precis Writing and Comprehension.

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Essay precis writing and comprehension skills
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