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Drivers running a dedicated route engage more with dock workers they become familiar with and often like having a familiar route each day. With a TMS system he can achieve this as well as devising the best route and securing backhauls.

This reactive approach is not ideal for Hardee. Dedicated fleets should be considered for large customers, where routes are stable and they will always have a load to backhaul.

Trailer to power ratio is 3: He will need to speak with Stacey Holmgren to see if dedicated drivers would be allowed to work on-site, so bobtailing can be factored out of the equation, removing those additional costs, which can be applied to technology investments.

They have partnerships with truckload carriers in Mexico and Canada. Their largest customer is taking new initiatives to maximize manufacturing capacity and minimize stock-out at retail.

Is dedicated carriage the future of truckload? With a TMS, Jim can also be sure he can secure a backhaul for each run. They will no longer have to bobtail and backhauls can be secured, which will drive costs down. Bobtailing tractors from their dispatch locations to customers are adding additional costs.

Transportation, 6th edition pp. Major Problems Hardee keeps trailer pools at customer locations, relying on customer requests to move product.

Currently, Hardee does not use the internet for transaction management. Using the information presented in this chapter, what changes would you suggest to Jim? Also, he must argue the point of a dedicated fleet. Hardee maintains excess rolling stock in trailer pools at major customer locations.

How would you suggest he present this scenario to the president of Hardee? Although they use EDI with their largest customers, they are not set up for any transaction management through the internet. Hardee Transportation Essay Sample I.

Customers want the best service, with the most transparency as possible, if Hardee does not invest in a TMS, this is not possible. Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues.Open Document.

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Hardee Transportation Case Study

Object1 Object6 Object5 I'm Researching. Search Search Best Free Essays Join63%(8). Hardee Transportation Case Study Essay Hardee Transportation Case Study Jim O’Brien, the manager of the Hardee Transportation. He is concerned about a new request from his largest customers which has caused conflict.

Hardee Transportation Essay Sample

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Hardee transportation essay
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