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While these plans sound very promising, it failed to show exactly how he will do it. In an institution this large, effective communication is not always easy, but certainly always necessary.

However, as a whole, his speech was a rhetorical argument that America must rise once again, face the crisis that has been plaguing it, and eventually remake the country and place back on track to success. Like all Presidential Inaugurations one of the key elements of the events was the inaugural address, which more or less outlines what the newly-installed President plans to do during his or her next four years in office.

But we also look for the hard-won accomplishments—a passing grade, a semester completed, a degree earned, a job placement—to know that we are really making a difference to those for whom the community college was created. Not all our students fall into this category, but for those who do, the journey to reach their goals can be long and arduous.

On the individual level, the college serves as a gateway to opportunity. Even as we recognize our significant accomplishments, we acknowledge that there is still a great deal to be done. Even then, it is not a matter of simply meeting those standards.

Progress in this area will be measured in terms of rising graduation, transfer and retention rates, but also in the level of student engagement in the classroom and in the life of the college. These five priorities shape our actions and planning and help to determine how resources are to be allocated.

I thank you all for the opportunity and for the trust you have placed in me to lead this institution. The idea that we are engaged in such life-changing work should motivate us.

We will harness the sun and the winds and the soil to fuel our cars and run our factories. Local businesses benefit from a highly trained, competitive workforce. It means sharing news of what is happening around the college, in and out of the classroom.

We endeavor to provide a work environment that offers meaningful opportunities for professional development and advancement. He stressed that the U. The education and training we offer our students also have long-term benefits for the community and the local economy.

Everyone needs to know what the standards are in order to determine whether or not we are measuring up to them.

Rhetorical Analysis of President Barack Obama’s Inaugural Speech - Assignment Example

Investment in Human Capital There can be no student success, however, without the faculty and staff of the college. However, as mentioned above, it was notable that he did not explain exactly how we will do things such as building bridges, improving schools, and lowering the costs of health care.

They are serious and they are many. However, we are not content to rest on our laurels. We have had many successes along the way, receiving national recognition for our students, faculty, staff and programs.

In other words, Obama, in this aspect, did not analyze why these strategies are effective. Our students go on to be health care providers, teachers, law enforcement officers, entrepreneurs and involved citizens.

It is also a summons, a call to action, and I look forward to working with you to answer that call. Some enroll intending to transfer to a four-year institution.

These boosts to the economy are tangible, in the number of graduates produced, their employment rate and the feedback from employers. However, it can also be noted that he is also addressing the other countries that are also facing a similar crisis across the globe.

Like ours, hers is an organization with a transformational mission, and so we are especially pleased to welcome her to our campus.

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By ensuring access to a high level of knowledge and specialized skills, we are able to help fulfill the recruitment needs of local employers.

It is a broad and ambitious mission, and it is unique to the community college. We can work together to create standards for academic preparation that meet college requirements and create a smoother transition from high school to college. I am committed to fostering an environment of transparency and inclusion, and I hope that every member of the college community feels that his or her voice can be heard and respected.Inaugural Essay.

Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address. Words | 4 Pages. FDR Inaugural Address Speech Analysis Essay In arguably one of the most powerful of American political addresses ever given, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt argues that, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself’, and that in order to restore.

Barack Obama's inaugural speech was a very memorable speech because of many different reasons. He related back to many different presidents and past events.

He used the main points that are. UF "Inaugural Address" Essay Prompt. Anglograce Considering I'm somewhat interested in a career in law or politics I figured the presidential inauguration speech would be the best essay for me to write.

but the problem is it reads like a speech. Like an inaugural address. Not like a college essay. Should I abandon this prompt? How am. Writing Sample: Inaugural Address Background: This address was written for and delivered by a community college president as part of the program of events celebrating her inauguration.

Inaugural Address. Welcome Speech For College Inaugural Function. Inauguration Speech Essay. Inaugural Address Essay The American rhetoric of Presidents like Barack Hussein Obama and John F.

Kennedy, who both served the United States of America are found in the corners of history. Abraham Lincoln begins his second inaugural speech on March 4,in which he addresses the nation on the ongoing civil war and his high hopes to unite the nation once again under God.

Inaugural speech college essay
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