Knowledge management case study with questions

This is applicable in the delivering of information and applications completely through a web browser. Introduction to Web 2. As much as many organizations find the use of Web 2.

So implementing Web 2. Today, for millions of people, PTCL demands instant access to new products and Knowledge management case study with questions. Introduction Knowledge management is an important aspect of every organization.

How does ERP and knowledge management help top management in effective decision making? The implementation of ERP systems in Sri Lanka has encountered failures in terms of time, cost and scope Suraweera et al. Do you think, with the use of ERP system software, the data or knowledge, used by your employees is more accurate than it was before ERP implementation?

The structure of Knowledge The foundation of knowledge is data and information. Do you think, knowledge management is important and essential for ERP implementation?

Moreover, they carried on with availability of training CDs, books in the printed form. It was proposed different benefits; an immediate benefit will be the ability to promise and timely delivery to customer.

According to the Senior Manager; on the knowledge gathering and migration stage, PTCL is not facing any problems except manual working of the documentations as users can access knowledge timely.

Knowledge transfer is also another problem that may be because of the absorptive capacity of individuals or troubled transfer due to contextual nature of knowledge.

This is because many of the Web 2. Kooser When TPMT employs this integration into the social networks, they will achieve a lowered support cost, and thus earn more customer satisfaction. However, to many organizations, customer service is one of the most difficult and challenging aspect of their management, including those that are provided with modern call-centres.

However, many organizations have some challenges with some employees who leak out information about their company in their personal spaces on the Internet.

According to manager;The prior level of importance was given to the knowledge management. Background of Interview Questions: To give a flavour of what is to follow we start with the following three examples: The interview session with the top management of PTCL has been conducted Interview questions are appended in Appendix: Therefore the management of knowledge assets demands the integration of KM and ERP systems that becomes a strategic initiative Suraweera et al.

It also includes different processes as Sharing, Capture, Classification, and Understanding Tsai et al. As well as, knowledge is shared across individuals, teams and organizations. Retrieved April 22,from http: Building on documented knowledge provides more current and accurate information to the central support organization.

If the goal is to achieve the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning ERP in the organization, the knowledge management has a significant impact on it. One of the key factors is the poor Knowledge Management that results in the failure of ERP implementation projects.

U-fone is also working with PTCL in it. The issues or the problems faced: The significant attributes to it may refer to that it can help personnel to enhance capacity and skills, as well as to get better products and services.

There are a number of dynamics that determine the nature of knowledge creation, management, valuation, and sharing. ERP implementation is neither the success path way nor full of benefits at all Suraweera et al.

How much time does an employee take to get the relevant knowledge from the ERP system of the organization? The core implementation teams accounted for the needs of both the managerial and end-user Yusuf et al. Knowledge is an elementary asset for firms in the modern economy.

Many of interactive website on the Internet are map services. The ERP systems are capable that it can manage the resources efficiently and effectively. The company provides facilities over 14 different countries and it also deals with other offerings as after sales services, covering mechanical overhauls and spare part distribution Yusuf et al.

Findings of Interviews and output: Issues faced in organization with respect to knowledge management have been an important aspect to the research study.

How the organizational knowledge is created? With the use of such system many improvements can be acquired by the companies for example:Example of Knowledge Management Exam Questions.

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Knowledge Management Case Studies

Knowledge Management. Human Computer Interaction Documents Similar To Example of Knowledge 3/5(2). Knowledge Management (KM) Case Study CONTEXT Inadequate information systems in low- and middle-income countries can compromise the availability of. Knowledge Enterprise Home; KM Best Practices.

KM Case Studies. KM Resources; KM Blog Feed KM Best Practices. KM Case Studies KM Resources; KM Blog Feed; Contact; Target companies for the study were identified based on a ranking against leadership Target companies for the study were identified based on a ranking against leadership.

Case studies-in-knowledge-management All have discussion questions and are written in a style that students can easily read and under- stand. Also, additional sources and support materials are included where appropriate.

Chapter II A Knowledge Management Case Study in Developing, Documenting, and Distributing Learning Brigette McGregor. Research Questions: A descriptive case study will be conducted in the telecom sector of Pakistan.

Interviews of the top management will be conducted. Interview session has been conducted for the research purpose comprising “ A Case study on Knowledge Management practices in the ERP Projects of the Organization ”. Senior Manager to ERP. Knowledge Management Case Studies.

Since researching and consulting on knowledge management from the mids, I have collected over examples of knowledge management in practice in organizations large and small around the world.

Knowledge management case study with questions
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