Literature review of tourism in gujarat

Here, brand new value systems were established and due emphasis was given to traditional Gujarati literature. Between the 14th and 18th centuries, numerous Jain literary stalwarts were responsible for bringing about a new wave of thinking to Gujarat.

It thrived from The first female poet, she was venerated by the common public, is regarded even better than most other composers, musicians, poets, and lyricists, who wrote in praise of God.

He promoted to adopt single national language and wrote about self government. Tulsivivah, a poem on the marriage of Krishna with Tulsi Plant and many other compositions were written by him.

The poet Mannbhaat wore rings on his fingers and created music by striking them repeatedly on a copper pot. Umashankar Joshi introduced the free verse form of poetry and made a significant contribution in Gujarati Literature.

Narratives, theatre, folk songs, and aphorisms pertaining to this region can be traced back to the Sultanate period.

He also pioneered the use of western literary forms in Indian literature. In the 19th century, the poet Narmad rose to prominence and broke new ground as far as the literary forms of prose and poetry are concerned; and all this through his work on social revolution.

He also was Mannbhaat, a poet who sang to the accompaniment of music created by Copper pot struck with ringed fingers. Around the same time, the great Bhakti poet, Mirabai, also gained prominence. Ranchod Bhakta A.


At present, the literature in Gujarat is no longer constrained within the boundaries of Gujarati language. With book launches, special meets with authors, literary debates, blogging, review sessions, and social media on the rise, literature, and more specifically, knowledge, has found its place in Gujarati literature.

He understood the need for a unified language for a unified country and advocated this viewpoint all his life. A new flood of various forms of rose found a home in Gujarati literature — novels, biographies, short stories, diaries, plays, essays, letters, criticisms, travel books.

This is when the Gujarat Vidyapeeth became the heart of all literary activities. In current scenario, Literature in Gujarat with Gujarati Literature is no more limited to Gujarati language as English Literature has entered into the domain.

During this period, Mirabai, the foremost woman poet, dedicated her life to the worship of Krishna and alongwith, a number of other saints-poets who wrote in praise of god, became composers and musicians. New media of publishing have also emerged.Kryshanda Delancy November 9th Dr Oenbring Literature Review Sustainable tourism in the Bahamas Lino Brigulio, Richard Butler, David Harrison and Walter Leal Filho, authors of the book entitled Sustainable Tourism in Islands and small states defined Sustainable tourism as tourism development that avoids damage to the environment, economy and cultures of the locations where it takes place.

LITERATURE REVIEW Destination Branding. To understand, Gujarat as a tourist brand it is imperative to understand the concept of destination branding that has been looked upon by various academicians.

Tourist Destinations. Tourism destinations are products of history and culture. ‘A Study of Tourism in Gujarat: A Geographical Perspective’ 3 environment, location of phenomena and spatial distribution and relationships between places within space and between of spaces. So the Geography plays an essential role in investigating the spatial interplay of tourist demand and satisfaction.

REVIEW OF LITERATURE This chapter relates to the survey of literature. It reviews the important studies relating to Tourism and Pilgrimage Tourism in India as well as Abroad.

Moreover, reports of important committees constituted by Ministry of Tourism Government of. Gujarat state is famous for various kind tourisms, such as. A) Medical Tourism. B) History and Heritage Tourism. C) Cultural Tourism. D) Business Tourism. E) Recreational Tourism.

F) Spiritual Tourism. In detail explanation. A) Medical Tourism.

Medical tourism is a new force of the tourists, who visit abroad for their medication or medical treatment.

From a sample of 87 studies, 55 pointed to a univocal relationship between tourism and economic growth, 16 identified a bi-univocal relationship, 9 indicated that the connection flowed from economic growth to tourism and, finally, 4 did not identify any relationship at all between them.

Literature review of tourism in gujarat
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