Psychosynthesis distance training

On-site at your location with me physically present or remotely via Zoomor as Psychosynthesis distance training retreat in Mt. Its aim is to help us discover our true spiritual nature, then to effectively utilise this discovery in everyday life.

He saw that psychology was becoming rather dry and rational and needed infusing with a sense of soul and meaning, whilst those who practice the mystery traditions could benefit from the grounding and reflective qualities of Psychosynthesis distance training. Check out our Winter newsletter.

In addition, all coaches bring to their work a wealth of personal experience, individual specialties and a deep desire to be of service. The text for this course is A Psychotherapy of Love: These programs are educational programs only. Upon acceptance to the course, this fee is due in full and is not refundable once the program materials have been mailed.

Materials The student will be provided with a syllabus that includes an outline of the nine individual lessons, the reading assignments, and the experiential exercises to be Psychosynthesis distance training for each lesson. A few partial scholarships are available.

Since his time, Psychosynthesis has been developed into an integrative Psychosynthesis distance training to growth and healing. I respond in depth via email, with suggestions, questions for further consideration, my own reflections, etc.

The experiential exercises will be in the form of written instructions or CDs. Materials The student will be provided with a syllabus outlining the six lessons within the course, the reading assignments, the experiential exercises to be completed, and the questions to be addressed for each paper.

Course 1 offers you: The next step awaits! Join the many who are seeking fulfillment and meeting important goals, by working with a coach to reach your full potential.

This material will be explored both conceptually and experientially through the readings, exercises and questions posed by the instructor. Following the course work, combined with a personal project of your own choice, you keep a journal and send material at regular intervals for appraisal and comment.

For students who live outside the United States, the fee can be paid by international money order or wired through Western Union. Materials The student will be provided with a syllabus that includes an outline of the eight individual lessons, the reading assignments, and the experiential exercises to be completed for each lesson.

We have detailed discussions about how each graduate may appropriately proceed with this stage of work. However, the pace is up to the individual student provided the course is completed within one year of receiving the materials. Course II This course builds on Course I and is for those who wish to explore more deeply two essential models in psychosynthesis: We welcome your inquiries and will set up one-on-one conversations with senior training staff to answer questions, get to know each other and explore this powerful possibility!

Course 1 is a complete introduction to the subject, enabling students to apply an understanding of Psychosynthesis to their own life journey. How long this takes depends upon your personal progress and rate of work, but the twelve lessons of Stage 1 average one to two years to complete.

You learn Psychosynthesis at your own pace thus enabling you to integrate your learning into your daily life. Who Should Apply The distance-learning course is open to anyone who wishes to begin to apply the principles of psychosynthesis in their personal or professional lives.

Our coaches share a vision of wholeness and transformation informed by the theory, method and practice of psychosynthesis. Our Psychosynthesis training, offered in both live, independent study and distance learning formats, teaches the principles of psychosynthesis and life and business coaching leading to the Psychosynthesis Life Coach Certification and to the internationally recognized Board Certified Coach credential.

There are no online forums, groups, or physical meetings involved. The visions and values of Psychosynthesis live with you in everything you do; increasing your awareness, deepening your connection to soul energy, giving you assistance in manifesting who you are and what you want to be in life.

Through careful tutoring, you are encouraged to utilise your own resources to successfully follow your unique journey of Psychosynthesis.I offer two year-long distance training courses to meet the needs of people who live in areas with no nearby psychosynthesis center, and/or others who prefer to work at their own pace and schedule.

I also offer mentoring for people who have studied psychosynthesis and want support in using its principles and methods in their work. Psychosynthesis Distance Learning Programme For graduates of Course 2 or other education or training programmes in psychosynthesis.

psychosynthesis distance learning

The more you work with Psychosynthesis and integrate it into your life, the more interesting and useful it becomes. The visions and values of Psychosynthesis live with you in everything you do; increasing your. Psychosynthesis distance This means that no matter what type of experience is engaged, and no matter what phase of growth is negotiated, the complexity and uniqueness of the person may be respected—a fundamental principle in any application of the december issue of psychology today, assagioli was interviewed by sam keen and was asked to.

The Association for the Advancement of Psychosynthesis was established in It is the first professional psychosynthesis organi­zation in North America and is open to all who are interested in supporting its evolution. Some centers offer training. If so, it is indicated as Live, Distance or Blend If you'd like to see your center listed.

The Synthesis Center, currently functions to offer best fit referrals to training Centers, as well as a referral source for trained Psychosynthesis Coaches. Independent Studies, for specialized orientation, or when other options are not available, can be offered by the Center and its director, Dorothy Firman.

Distance Learning Program The Psychosynthesis Distance Learning Program comprises three courses. Each one is a prerequisite for the course that follows.

Psychosynthesis distance training
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