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Quantitative Review of an Article

The references were accurately Quantitative article review in this study. Something that should possibley be done for health care providers is to hold seminars on how to increase patients satisfaction scores without jeopardizing our dignity and license.

One academic article from the readings for the course will be used to demonstrate this purpose. This introductory assignment should prepare students to engage more in-depth thinking and writing with numbers quantitative evidences for the major assignment of the course which requires students to analyze and interpret quantitative evidences and communicate findings to the readers.

The article maintained logical consistency and flowed very well. The method of the study was an Quantitative article review post facto correlational study and somewhat vague. Revenue reports and patient satisfaction surveys for the same period were also analyzed Ellis-Jacobs,p.

A guide to the debate, Cambridge University Press, and The purpose of the study was clearly identified in the title of the article. The article appears to have credibility and integrity based on the fact the report is very well written, concise, and organized. The current study included data in the form of statistical figures and table.

For instance, a freshmen course may use a newspaper report as assignment materials and require students to analyze numerical statements in the report. Dessler and Edward A. Teaching Notes and Tips In teaching students how to critically review articles quantitatively, I will use passages from past student papers and news paper reports that demonstrate the use, misuse, and missed use of quantitative evidences.

Assessment The assessment will be made throughout revisions of writing assignments and final paper of the course.

This means providers will have to give a known drug seeker a prescription for Lortab, so they do not call and complain. We, the staff see this as unfair, but according to the article, Medicare is one of the main driving forces behind the patient satisfaction scores and reimbursement by Medicare will be determined by the scores.

Quantitative Research Article Review

Learning Goals to introduce quantitative critical thinking in reading. Although the data analysis was clearly defined and appropriate, the number of participants was not mentioned. It also means that health care providers will have to perform tests and give needless medications to patients in order to increase these scores.

The literature review was limited due to the fact that this idea of patient satisfaction scores are fairly new idea and the research is somewhat limited. Context for Use This assignment is an introductory assignment for quantitative critical thinking.

This review essay should contain two components: Most of them are concerned about patient satisfaction scores and are frequently called into meetings regarding these scores.

The only concerning issue about this article is how they obtained the patient satisfaction scores, the demographics, the population which is the emergency room patients was noted, how many patients where surveyed, and many other variables were not discussed.

I am an agency nurse and work at various different emergency departments around Middle Tennessee. For the Advanced Practice Nurse, this means that we will have to improve our customer service skills in order to maintain or jobs and receive paychecks.

The author has a doctorate in medicine, and the title is clear and accurate. The ethical considerations were not mentioned in this study. This research will be significant in years to come for all health care providers.

The findings were not mentioned with the literature review but the hypothesis was identified and supported.

This assignment is appropriate for different levels by tweaking around expectations and requirements. Description and Teaching Materials Chapters from two books below are selected for this assignment.

The target population was vaguely identified along with aims and the theoretical framework used. I found the findings to be clinically and statistically significant. Health care providers will be forced increase patient satisfaction scores in order to be reimbursed by Medicare and possible other insurance companies.

It also means that the doctors with attitude and lack of bed side manners will have to learn new customer service skills which could not only help the patient but the staff as well. Students will read selected article critically and write a review of the article.

This can be very frustrating because not all the facts are taken into consideration and the report is solely based on an irate patients comment.Article review The article examined for this assessment is a quantitative examination of conflict within co-parental relationships post-divorce.

The sample used for the study contained divorced fathers. Quantitative Article Review Quantitative Article Reviews at the undergraduate and graduate level.

The major purpose of writing a quantitative article review is to determine the validity of each study so that the value of the study findings in research practice can be evaluated.

You can find quantitative articles by searching in the Library databases using methodology terms as keywords. To find a quantitative study, possible keywords include the type of study, data analysis type, or terminology used to describe the results.

There are various reasons why I chose this article. I am an agency nurse and work at various different emergency departments around Middle Tennessee. Most of them are concerned about patient satisfaction scores and are frequently called into meetings regarding these scores. We will write a custom essay sample on Quantitative Research Article Review or [ ].

Q. How do I find a quantitative article?

to introduce quantitative critical thinking in reading. to learn how to write with quantitative evidences by learning by doing (in this case is doing quantitative analytical review of an academic article).

View Notes - Quantitative Article Review from EDUC at Liberty University. Quantitative Article Review 1 Quantitative Article Review: Establishing a Causal Relationship Between Intervention to%(20).

Quantitative article review
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