Special education reflection

First, the special education community shared a lot of acronyms as part of its jargon. I wanted to lash out at the world, and I always wondered why students with learning disabilities had emotional problems. The activities, without fail, made me frustrated. My feelings towards special education students have also changed through my counseling psychology class.

It is my belief that all teacher induction programs should include a required course in special education law, because most of us are affected by them. I came to realize that people with learning disabilities live with their disabilities for the rest of their lives.

I now understand that my feelings were due to my lack of knowledge and my judgment based on stereotypes. If they are students as well, why do I discriminate against them?

This happened because many of our students were transient, arriving and departing in a fashion which was not orderly. As a prospective secondary mathematics educator, I felt that it was unfair that I would have special education students in my classes. Reflecting, after a condensed ten session introduction to deeper issues within the special education community, one thing is apparently clear.

Throughout my years at Lehigh, I have proclaimed that I have a passion to teach, to show students that mathematics is not difficult, and that they are able to understand mathematics.

However, I never felt that inclusion of special education students in general education classes was plausible or made sense. Each student and situation has to be reviewed from a number of lenses. We do not necessarily choose our students, but are required to learn about their unique situations, and some of the rules regarding special education, in the process.

It is due to my lack of knowledge of students with learning disabilities. I always knew that making fun of students with learning disabilities was wrong. People with learning disabilities had their strengths and weaknesses, and I had mine.

In the class I learned that every student, whether they are homosexuals, rape victims, Jewish, Christian, or special education students, are students. I also worked as a senior writer for TrackNation magazine www.

That these sensitivity activities were only temporary for us, but it was reality for those dealing with the disabilities. To me, it was like learning a foreign language, and being unwilling to do so, I chose to pick up any information that was necessary to know, and leave the rest for others.

There is nothing wrong with special education students. Another example would occur when the assistant principal would come in my classroom during a break and ask me to attend an IEP meeting for one of my students, as a core subject teacher.

The special education experiences of many teachers mirror my own. The few concepts I could grasp came from being thrust into the position of special educator by necessity.

I did not want to deal with them.

As I reflect on my feelings towards special education students, I ask myself why do I not see them in the same way. Examples of this would be looking at my class homeroom list and seeing seven students with a one letter mark under the disability category, which meant they had been labeled with some sort of learning disability and that I would need to go to the main office and read the IEP.

I felt that special education students belonged in their own classrooms; and that is why we have special education educators. I use the word normal in quotations because I now realize that special education students are like anybody else, and that we, special and general education students alike, are all normal.Special Education Reflection.

Running Head: REFLECTION PAPER Reflection Paper En Tseh Wang Lehigh University Special Education (Education and Inclusion of Individuals with Special Needs) has been enlightening for me as a secondary mathematics educator/5(1). Special Education Reflections Some final thoughts on special education as a part of today's school system - reflections captured after completing my first special education course at William and Mary.

special education students. After observing Mrs. Mobley’s special education class, I started to set a goal for myself about how to work. Do you really want to delete this prezi? Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Delete Cancel.

Special Education Reflection

Special educator and all working with special needs individuals must follow IDEA it is the legal basis for public school's special education programs. IDEA explains the rights and regulations for students with disabilities in the U.S.

who require special education. - IEP Reflection IEP Reflection The development and implementation of an Individualized Education Program (IEP) occurs after a student is eligible to receive exceptional student services through a referral and evaluation process.

Special education reflection
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