The city i live in karachi

While the summers are hot and humid, cool sea breezes typically provide relief during hot summer months, though Karachi is prone to deadly heat waves, [68] though a text-message based early warning system is now in place that helped prevent any fatalities during an unusually strong heatwave in October In response to the perceived threat of Hindu domination, self-preservation of identity, language and culture in combination with Sindhi Muslim resentment towards wealthy Sindhi Hindus, the province of Sindh became the first province of British India to pass the Pakistan Resolutionin favour of the creation of the Pakistani state.

The city was recognized for its strategic importance, prompting the British to establish the Port of Karachi in Do not bribe a police officer; apologize profusely, provide an excuse for talking on the cellphone, and, if need be, accept a citation.

When Sindh started trading across the sea with Muscat and the Persian Gulf in the late 18th century, Karachi gained in importance; a small fort was constructed for its protection with a few cannons imported from Muscat.

The foundation of a city municipal committee was laid down by the Commissioner in Sinde, Bartle Frere and infrastructure development was undertaken.

Karachi rapidly became a transportation hub for British India owing to newly built port and rail infrastructure, as well as the increase in agricultural exports from the opening of productive tracts of newly irrigated land in Punjab and interior Sindh.

History of Karachi

Would that I could come again to see you in your grandeur! Inthe British occupied it to use it for launching their campaigns against the Russian Empire in Central Asia and Afghanistan.

Almost all important facilities including Schools and Hospitals are present in the area. The name Karachee was used for the first time in a Dutch document fromin which a merchant ship de Ridderkerk is shipwrecked near the original settlement. Bythe population was mostly comprised of indigenous Balochis and Sindhis.

In other words, Karachi is a money-making mega-city. The name Karachee was used for the first time in a Dutch document fromin which a merchant ship de Ridderkerk is shipwrecked near the original settlement.

What I learnt about life in Karachi

The city remained a small fishing village until the British seized control of the offshore and strategically located at Manora Island.

After the independence of Pakistan, the city population increased dramatically when hundreds of thousands of Muslim Muhajirs from India fleeing from anti-Muslim pogroms and from other parts of South Asia came to settle in Karachi.

Early history[ edit ] The Late Paleolithic and Mesolithic sites found by Karachi University team on the Mulri Hillsin front of Karachi University Campus, constitute one of the most important archaeological discoveries made in Sindh during the last fifty years.

The last hunter-gathererswho left abundant traces of their passage, repeatedly inhabited the Hills. The party and its vast network of supporters were targeted by Pakistani security forces as part of the controversial Operation Clean-up in — an effort to restore peace in the city that lasted until InSindh was separated from the Bombay Presidency and Karachi was made again the capital of the Sindh.

The former State Bank of Pakistan building was built during the colonial era. The estuary silted up due to heavy rains in and the harbour could no longer be used. Karachi was then made the capital of Sindh and the British developed its harbor for shipping produce.

The locality today is the most famous in Karachi as it houses almost every important institution of the city not present in Saddar. A small factory was opened by the British in Septemberbut was closed down within a year.

Due to which, many innocent lives were destroyed and many innocent Urdu people were killed due to Racial and Prejudice Reason.

Urdu-People have no racial and prejudice attitudes towards any Non-Urdu.

9 Reasons Why Karachi is the Greatest City in Pakistan

Under his rule, fortifications in the region acted as a bulwark against Portuguese incursions into Sindh. Karachi History Karachi was founded by Baloch tribes from Makran and Balochistan as Kolachi as a small fishing community.

Its close proximity to the business districts of Karachi are another plus points. People from all across the city as well as from DHA and Clifton especially come to this area to buy their daily groceries.

The period from to is regarded as the bloody period in the history of the city, when the Army commenced its Operation Clean-up against the Mohajir Qaumi Movement.

Karachi ranked among worst cities to live in

Almost all major retail and restaurant chains are present in the area. Majority of the residents in the area are from the Ismaili Community who are well-known for being the richest in Pakistan, others include memons, parsis and christians.Located near the City Center, MACHS is another best place to live in the city of Karachi.

The presence of entertainment facilities like the Arena, Aga Khan University hospital, Expo Center, National Stadium, Large Parks & Lakes make this area perfect to live in. You live in a city not because it’s the prettiest, most peaceful place in the world; nor do you choose a place because it’s exciting.

Karachi, for me, is a perpetually shifting combination of nice memories and minor tragedies, commerce and convenience, familiarity and strangeness, and, ultimately, the coincidences that brought me here.

Karachi, which has been an ideal demonstration of resilience, the depressing statistics are a merciless counterattack to the progressive image sketched in the hollow statements by the legislators over the infrastructural development of the city.

Karachi being one of the biggest city of Pakistan has a big population and it is considered that being immensely populated city it lacks the best residential areas to live in. Well its not true as there are many areas over there that are best for living and are equipped with all facilities required for living.

Karachi is a miracle city, a city of poors, yes, a city of elites, yes it is, a city of middle classes, yes too,a city of beggars & drug addict, yes they get food free. Karachi, Pakistan» Entertainment» Nightlife The city of Karachi offers an interesting and diverse nightlife scene that has several things to do, watch and also experience.

The city has a large selection of bars, cafes and clubs so whatever the type of venue you are looking for, you will certainly find something to suit your taste.

The city i live in karachi
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